War in my neighbourhood (Oorlog in mijn buurt)

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Schoolchildren on a visit to elderly man and woman who tell them about life in their neighbourhood during the Nazi-German occupation in the Second World War.
Their visit is part of a schools project. The children learn about the war through the wartime experiences of elderly people who lived as children in their neighbourhood during the war.

Welder Paul

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Paul is one of the few welders remaining  in the middle of Amsterdam, in an area called “De Pijp”.

Jakarta living

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Portraits of people living in Jakarta.


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Seamstress Wil is now no longer in her shop in Amsterdam. It’s closed because of the heavy competition and her aging. She started a new shop near to her home in a cheaper town.

Women of Asaafa

Women of Asaafa, Ghana, are equally involved in the fishing business. Once the net is on the beach women take care of production.

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Asaafa Kids

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The village Asaafa in Ghana is depending on fishing and agriculture. The children live near the beach.

Fishermen of Asaafa

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Every day the men and women of Asaafa bring in their net. Big fish used to be in it all the time. Nowadays mostly small fish is caught in a clew of plastic.